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Our story...

Songpyeon is a traditional Korean food made of rice powder. It is a type of tteok, small rice cakes, traditionally eaten during the Korean autumn harvest festival, Chuseok.

Tony & Juliet

Tony Riordan was born in Vancouver, Canada but spent his childhood and school years in England, living mostly around the Hertfordshire and Essex borders, just outside the North East of London.

After leaving school Tony spent a couple of years working as a sales assistant in a busy high street electrical store, but he decided he really wanted to move back to Canada, a brave move given that he was not yet 20 at the time! 

Back in Canada, he continued to work in electronics and customer care while studying for his degree in Cognitive Science from Simon Fraser University.

In 2018 he decided that it was time for a new adventure and gained his qualifications as a Teacher of English Language. He then took himself off, again alone, all the way to to South Korea!

Tony started his teaching career in a small academy in the heart of Chungcheongbuk-do, a beautiful place surrounded my mountains and city life, where he met and married Juliet. 

After working at several different teaching academies, Tony and Juliet decided to launch Kinetic Recruiting. in order to match teachers to the academies they would love to work at. 

Kinetic Recruiting is all about matching teachers to the schools and academies, and received certification and a business licence in June of 2021. Despite the difficulties brought on with the global pandemic we are very proud to have an ever growing list of  successful teacher placements.

We are now in process of forming partnerships withsome of the larger TEFL academies from North America, and we are creating relationships with ESL academies throughout South Korea every day.

We seek always to live up to our business motto:  Moving the Kinetic way means you will move  healthily and safely.