Living in South Korea

Wish you were here?

Hello  dear readers,

This is Julie, the representative of Kinetic Recruiting. My Korean name is EunSol Oh.

I owe you an apology for being absent by neglecting posting Korean stories. We are going to renew the contents from now on.

For our defences, we have been running an English Language Institute with my co-runner, Tony as a teacher and we had been through lots of things so far such as Covid 19 when it overwhelmed, we opened this recruiting business and we have got impacted by ups and downs from situations domestic and overseas. Still, we have provided teaching jobs from all regions in the Republic of Korea.

Wish you as a candidate teacher or a traveller who ever visits our website to learn about Korean Culture would have useful information and knowledge to climatize yourself to local areas of Korea.

Thank you very much.
With sincere,
Eunsol Oh